Finca Chelin

Location: Oaxaca

Story: Third generation of coffee farms, five years of experience and an environmentally responsible team: that is Finca Chelin.

Quality focus operation farm has been running by Enrique López and gaining and outstanding reputation such as many Cup Of

Excellence award winning lots. Enrique is always improving his products and operations, has a lot of experimental processing techniques.

Finca Chelin is called a natural paradise committed to preserving the environment as evidence by organic.

Coop Tierra Sagrada

Location: Chiapas

Story: Café Tierra Sagrada produce specialty coffee from

Soconusco. Composed of up of 120 of the finest organized

producers from the Chiapas Mountain region, Tierra Sagrada,

or holy earth in english, provide coffee to micro roasters, roasters and the best coffee bars across Mexico City. 

Its philosophy is based on the harmonious relationship with the environment and nature and recognizing the hard work of each producer with a fair trade for the hard effort in each coffee process stage.

Finca Kassandra

Location: Veracruz

Story: Coffee Finca Kassandra is at a height ranging from 1250 to 1400 m which puts the product on a description of strictly high.

Green coffee or gold obtained from the process of wet and dry milling, screening and subsequent packaging and storage under optimum conditions.


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