Finca Buna

“This coffee brings with it the terroir of the cloud forest and the Mazatec peasant work”

Buna started in 2012 wishing to share a rich coffee while being a business to generate positive change and create good in society and ecosystems.
With that task they traveled through the Mexican Republic and arrived to the Sierra Mazateca.
Here they work with several farms and producers.
The producers have a tradition of at least 30 years in the coffee production since they began in 1980 with a group of 100 producers representing this community.
In the Mazateca Sierra, agro-ecological practices have been implemented and quality processes have been designed for the harvest. The quality is largely due to the proportion of Typicas that are still preserved in the region, in addition to the fertile soils of the coffee plantations.

Finca Buna

Farm Size: 1 to 1.5 Hectares per producer

Processes: Washed

Individuals Clients: Distribution in coffee shops and retail businesses.

International Clients: Germany

Sierra Mazateca




Bourbon, Typica

Altitude MASL:


SCA Scoring:



Almonds, Cacao

Floral, Vanilla, Toffee

*MASL meters above sea level