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“At times, I contemplate what my ancestors, grandfather, and father would think of our current actions." Raúl responds with a deep sense of contentment, "I believe they would beam with pride and exclaim, 'Excellent, that's the way to go
-Raúl de Arcangelis Martínez, Owner of Panchito Café.

The blend of ancestral wisdom and contemporary scientific methods has propelled Finca Otipan, a coffee producer situated in Teocelo, Veracruz, into the realm of crafting remarkable coffees distinguished by their refinement and intricacy. Raúl de Arcangelis Martínez, an engineer and the proprietor of Finca Otipan, envisions the future of coffee cultivation in Mexico anchored in specialized procedures and the comprehensive utilization of resultant by-products. Raúl, hailing from a lineage spanning five generations in the coffee industry, imbibed invaluable insights from various producers and experts across Teocelo and other regions of Mexico, including notable figures such as Enrique López, Federico Barrueta, and Colombian Julián Cucuñame.

Panchito Café begins by carefully washing and floating cherries to conserve water and preserve them in a sealed manner. This allows for the controlled fermentation process to occur naturally through local yeasts and bacteria. During this gradual fermentation, the natural sugars in the fruit are transformed into compounds that enhance the coffee's complexity and elegance, resulting in a captivating reddish liquid with aromatic qualities.
The process of controlled fermentation results in the production of coffee pulp and leachate, which are then utilized as organic matter filled with nutrients and microorganisms to enrich the soil's fertility. Panchito Café attains naturally robust and prolific plants while minimizing environmental impact. By employing natural organic leachates for crop nourishment, orchestrating fermentation, and sun-drying beans on slanted beds influenced by solar panel technology,
Finca Otipans relentless commitment to excellence garnered acclaim from the Municipality of TeoceloTeocelo, securing the "Cuna del Café 2023" award with an impressive score of 88.94. Furthermore, the company is poised to participate in the 2023 Cup of ExcellenceExcellence, presenting a blend encompassing Marseille, Bourbon, and Typica Arabica varieties.
Raúl reflects on how his ancestors might have viewed present-day endeavors, expressing a sincere belief that they would feel proud and applaud the current direction. The sentiment echoes, "Great, that's the right path to take!"

Finca Otipan

Farm Size: 1 to 1.5 Hectares per producer

Processes: Washed

Individuals Clients: Distribution in coffee shops and retail businesses.

International Clients: Germany