Finca Santoli

"Finca Santoli is a three-generation family-owned company. Its name is a composition in honor of the Community of Santa Rosa Teocelo, Veracruz, where the plantations are located, and Olivia, which is my mother's name, hence Sant-Oli"
-Victor Lara Hernández, Owner of Finca Santoli.

Veracruz, a vast and expansive state that surrounds the Gulf of Mexico, has always held a special place in the history of coffee production. Perhaps, it was right here where the first coffee plantations in Mexico took root, where the richness of nature seamlessly intertwines with generations of tradition, giving rise to extraordinary coffee flavors. Join us on a virtual journey to Finca Santoli and discover the hidden treasures behind its exquisite coffee.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Veracruz, Finca Santoli stands as a testament to the dedication of coffee producers who have devoted their lives to cultivating the finest Arabica beans. With an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, our team embarked on a cupping adventure in Teocelo, amidst the grandeur of an outdoor setting surrounded by natural beauty.

During our visit to Finca Santoli, we were warmly welcomed by Víctor and his brother Hilder, who now oversee the farm's operations. They guided us through their beautiful agrotourism facilities, driven by the desire to offer visitors an unforgettable experience amid the charming landscape filled with endemic birds. Here, you can lose yourself in the embrace of lush emerald-green hills. It is in this sanctuary that their coffee plants thrive, nurtured by fertile soil and the harmonious interplay of sunlight and the shade of endemic trees.

Year after year, their dedicated pickers return to meticulously harvest the ripest cherries. During these weeks, Víctor and his brother Hilder have taken great care to ensure that the workers have dignified transportation to reach the coffee plots. Once harvested, their beans undergo a meticulous process involving washing, drying, and careful selection. Their facilities maintain tradition but also embrace the trend of continuous improvement. This year, they participated in Cup of Excellence for the first time and are preparing to introduce exceptional strains such as Geisha, Anacafé, and ovata.

Thanks to their dedication, they have conquered the palates of skilled roasters in Mexico and the United States. And now, this exceptional care will extend to Europe. The result? A cup of coffee with fruity flavors that transports you to the heart of Veracruz.

Finca Santoli

Farm Size: 110 hectares
Processes: Washed, Hydro Washed, Hydro Natural, Hydro Honey
International Clients: USA, Germany
Recognitions: Agroecological Farm, Shade-Grown Coffee, Cloud Forest