Finca Xoxohuico

"Behind my coffee there are many illusions, not only my own but those of all the families who work with me"
-Leticia Sosa, Producer

Located in the State of Puebla, in the community of Totutla, Huitzilan de Serdán, the Xoxohuico Farm belongs to the García Sosa family and now Leticia Sosa, representing the second generation, has resumed coffee production on her parents' land by growing Typica, Bourbon and Garnica Arabica coffee varieties.
After a cessation due to the low price of coffee, Leticia Sosa restored her parents' land. She started in 2004 with the production of conventional coffee and in 2013 with specialty coffee. Traditionally, only washed coffee was produced, then it was decided to work with Honey and Natural coffee in order to take advantage of the sugars characteristic of the coffee cherry and offer a product with floral and fruity notes.
Something very important, with these processes the farm diminishes the environmental impact generated by the contamination of the water when the coffee is washed.
One of Leticia's incentives to continue with this activity was to recover the family's land and preserve the cultural identity of the region. The community is safe, calm and peaceful, so contributing to its development has always been a consideration for Leticia.

For the families of this community, coffee is noble and generous, despite its plagues, so it deserves love and care.
Ten families work in the Xoxohuico Farm, all of them receive dignified treatment as friends, a fair payment above the average and constant training.
Leticia's family has a great commitment to the land, they consider it alive, therefore the practices they employ must be nature friendly and respectful. They avoid erosion by not using herbicides, use grass as organic fertilizer and make soil conservation amendments, such as using live barriers.
In spite of being a young farm, Finca Xoxohuico has grown and seeks to do so in conjunction with its community. For example, if a service is needed, it seeks to employ people within the community.
As a result of teamwork, small innovations have been made at the farm, such as the African metal beds designed by themselves.
At the end of each harvest, Leticia looks for brotherhood with activities of coexistence that strengthen the bonds they have created.

Finca Xoxohuico

Farm size: 7 hectares

Processes: Honey, Natural and Washed

National Clients: Distribution in coffee shops and retail businesses

International Clients: Saudi Arabia

Awards in the Cup of Excellence:
2014 national finalists
2015 national finalists
2017 international finalist
2018 national finalist
2019 international finalist




Typica, Bourbon

Altitude MASL:


SCA Scoring:



Chocolate, Vanilla

Cherries, Star Fruit

*MASL meters above sea level