We pay on average of all our contracts:
5.72 EUR/kg (2.59 USD/lb), that means
135 % above the commodity price and
60 % above the fair trade price
harvested with 84 points or above.

According to the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, based on the data of thousands of contracts from the last three harvest seasons from our peers who have contributed and shared their prices, commodity prices continue to hover at historically low levels.

Our efforts include sourcing - travelling to the coffee farmers and through the accompanying storytelling we give our producers a face and transport their story. Through careful quality control by cuppings on site as well as in Germany we can guarantee a high quality. The coffees are offered in individual and specially made for us coffee bags. The dispatch of samples as well as personal visits to roasters in Europe round off our services. The more coffee we can market, the lower the costs for our efforts will be.

It takes years of work for the farmers to produce high quality microlots. They are always seeking to improve and are very curious about feedback from the market and consumer trends. We strive assiduously to bring them a rewarding return that honors their efforts.

We believe that ethical sourcing means bringing forward an understanding of the farmers stories as well as promoting their needs.
Let us therefore work together for a sustainable future of coffee.

Any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your own needs for the next sourcing.


Farm Gate Price

5.72 EUR/kg = 2.59 USD/lb

Transport and Logistic until Hamburg
and Warehouse and financing

0.70 EUR/kg = 0.31 USD/lb

Fee for Woolis Services

2.00 EUR/kg = 0.90 USD/lb

TOTAL 8.38 EUR/kg = 3.80 USD/lb