Unión de Ejidos y Comunidades de San Fernando

" We are aware that it is only through work that we will improve our quality of life."
-Silvia Herrera, Coordinator

It is a sustainable social enterprise in the state of Chiapas, which is made up of more than 1,300 families of small producers. Together they look to employ  channels to distribute their product without intermediaries.

What we love about San Fernando is that they put special attention not only to the quality of their coffee, but they are also committed to generating a positive impact in the communities, promoting respect for the environment and conserving natural resources.

*We have found the organic coffee originating from the municipality of "Tenejapa" with surprisingly fruity flavors, a delicate cup and velvety body.

To cultivate this coffee, they use techniques and labors that do not harm the environment or nature, as well as making use of organic insecticides and fertilizers that they produce as well.

The community is made up of 100% native people, and they are convinced that the international presence and recognition encourages them to maintain the quality of their product and to continue working in the field.

Unión de Ejidos y Comunidades de San Fernando

Farm size: 2 hectares/ each producer

Processes: Washed

Quality: Organic

National clients: Distribution in coffee shops and retail businesses

International clients: US, Holland, England, Finland, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand

Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade, Bio Suisse, Naturland



Washed, Organic


Typica, Bourbon

Altitude MASL:

1300 - 1500

SCA Scoring:



Citric, Floral

Vanilla, Apricot

*MASL meters above sea level