About Us

Woolis GmbH is a specialty green coffee sourcer and importer founded in November 2019 and based in Berlin, Germany. We bring coffee roasters of all sizes in Europe the chance to experience the unique specialty coffee varieties that Mexico has to offer. We are looking for outstanding and high-quality nano and micro lots, farmed coffees and certified coffees. Our current focus is on six of the coffee regions in Mexico which are: Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Estado de México, Veracruz, and Guerrero.

Our vision is to build lasting relationships that improve the quality of life for coffee producers through our sourcing trips. Since we share the feedback about the expectations of our customers, creating these relationships allow us, year after year, to provide a bridge between coffee producers and roasters in Europe that enables us to better respond to the needs of the coffee consumer.

We are a passionate team effort of Mexican and Germans. Our fields of focus are on environmental sustainability, climate protection, and poverty reduction.

Our Values

Wholesale Throughout Europe

Woolis bridges the gap between European roasters, and the undiscovered varieties of coffee only Mexico can offer. The coffee is FCA Hamburg.


We’ve formed close partnerships with our coffee producers, and offer them nothing less than a fair trade price.


Sourced from small scale coffee growers all over Mexico, our unique selection captures Mexico’s diverse palate of flavors.


We only select the highest quality raw beans, which means all of which have received a Q grade of 84 or higher.

Our Team

Angelica Bertram
Managing Partner & Founder

The Mexican soul of Woolis, committed to the sourcing and buying process.