Finca Fátima

"We are a company with an innovative vision while preserving the processes and traditional coffee varieties"
-Ernesto Perez, Producer

In 1975 "Fátima" Farm was established in the state of Veracruz, Ernesto Pérez represents the third generation producing conventional and specialty coffee.
At harvest time, "Fatima" Farm receives about 30 farmers and when they leave for maintenance, the number is reduced to 12 farmers, all belonging to the community of surrounding regions.
For Ernesto, having a loyal relationship with the members of the community is important and is reflected in the result of the quality of his coffee.
Farmers at harvest time receive above average transportation, food, and payment services.
The farm is UTZ certified, which is a worldwide program that sets standards for responsible agricultural production.
Ernesto has been on charge of implementing renewable energy technologies within the processes, as he believes that caring for the environment can also be synonymous with innovation.
With these technologies they have managed to reduce water consumption by up to 90% compared to initial consumption, their next step is to use solar energy.
Ernesto's approach to his specialty coffee is based on nutrition, it is imperative that coffee plants have good nutrition, good sun exposure, good soil and good controlled chemical components. This is complemented at harvest time by the selection of ripe beans.

Finca Fátima

Farm size: 20 hectares

Processes: Washed

National Clients: Distribution in coffee shops and retail businesses

International Clients: Dubai, South Korea, U.S. England, Germany

Awards / Contests: Cup of Excellence 2019, 10th place





Altitude MASL:


SCA Scoring:



Almonds, Cacao

Vanilla, Toffee


*MASL meters above sea level